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What if my operations don’t fit into one of these options listed?
What if my operations don’t fit into one of these options listed?Frequently asked questions
What is my total gross revenue, and why do you need this?
Business Operations

Do you currently or will you potentially operate as any of the following?

  • Any Professional that in the course of its business collects electronic Protected Health Information concerning their clients or third parties
  • Accreditation Services Provider
  • Adult Content Provider or Adult Entertainment Services
  • Credit Bureau
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Data Aggregator / Data Broker/Warehouse
  • Direct Marketer
  • Financial Institution
  • Gambling
  • Insurance Brokerage or Agency
  • IT Service Provider (Cloud Services, SAAS, IAAS, etc)
  • Health Services or Healthcare
  • Medical/Dental Office
  • Manufacturer of Life Safety Products/Software
  • Law Firms
  • Payment Processor
  • Peer To Peer File Sharing
  • Social Media Platform Provider
  • Surveillance
  • Third Party Administrator
  • Claims Adjusters
IT Security

Do your internal IT security controls comply with all of the following:

  • Antivirus and Firewalls (Windows 7 or higher qualifies)
  • Critical Software Patching Procedures
  • Critical Data Backup and Recovery Procedures